ROMANIAN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM OF FORENSIC SCIENCE Bucharest, Romania, November 28-29 2018 International Scientific Conference

Registration & author instructions

In order to be able to participate to the conference, one should follow some simple steps, as follows:

Conference registration

A. Check the registration types from the dedicated section of this site or follow this link.

B. Choose the type of registration that is best for your needs.

C. Carefully choose the participation type, according to your needs and intentions. Access to the conference is restricted to the registered persons. Registration type A (LISTENER) is for persons willing to attend the conference without a paper. Registration type B (PUBLISHER) is for those persons unable to physically attend the conference, but willing to submit a paper for publication in the conference Proceedings, while Registration type C (PRESENTER) is for those willing to attend the conference, present their paper and have it included in the conference Proceedings.

D. Carefully fill the form and submit it for registration. You will receive a confirmation that your mail was received.

E. If you have opted for registration type A, you will receive a confirmation after the registration period expiry date. Please follow the indications of our team and pay the fee once you receive your invoice. Please note that we will grant priority for participation (due to the existence of a limited number of seats in the plenary session) for participants with papers (B or C). For the A type the conformations will be delivered after 1st o March, in accordance with our available seats and in order of the requests.

F. If you have submitted keywords & abstracts for registration type B or C, please await the evaluation of our reviewers.

Sending your paper

A. Once your title, abstract and keywords have been accepted, you will receive a confirmation message, together with the camera-ready template (.docx format). Use only this file for editing and start preparing your paper. Once finished, save it. Please ensure that you rename the .docx file with your name (ex. Name.docx). In case of two authors, rename it with both of your names (ex. Name1_name2.docx) .

B. Send the file to the following address: You will receive a confirmation that your mail was received. Please note that emails sent to other addresses will not be taken under consideration.

C. Please await the evaluation of our reviewers (it might take up to 15 working days).

Paper acceptance or rejection

A. We use double-blind evaluation method. Once your paper has been reviewed, you will receive an evaluation report (.pdf). Your paper can be rejected, accepted without modifications or accepted, but condition to minor or serious modifications.

B. If your paper is accepted without modifications, please follow the indications of our team and pay the fee once you receive your invoice.

C. If your paper is accepted under the condition of modifications requested by the evaluators, please implement those modifications and resend the paper before the deadline indicated by the reviewer. The paper will be reevaluated. In case you have not followed the indications related to paper modifications, it will be rejected. If the modifications are in accordance with the reviewers request, the paper will be accepted. In this case, please follow the indications of our team and pay the fee once you receive your invoice.

D. If your paper is off-topic or the evaluators consider that your paper is completely inappropriate from the point of view of language, content, originality etc., the paper will be rejected.

E. All papers will be plagiarism-scanned. The papers beyond similarity-level (20%) will be automatically disqualified.

Paper payment

A. Once you receive the invoice, verify it corresponds to the chosen registration type and pay the fee into the indicated account.

B. Scan/ take a photo of the proof of payment and send it to the following address:

C. A confirmation of the payment will be sent to your email address.

Preparing the presentation

If your paper has been accepted for the conference and you have opted for registration type C, you should prepare your presentation / slides for the day of the conference. You will be announced regarding the conference agenda and at what time you are scheduled for your presentation. Please note that the presentation length should be no longer than 7 minutes.