ROMANIAN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM OF FORENSIC SCIENCE Bucharest, Romania, April  27-28  2017 International Scientific Conference Organised by Romanian Police Academy

Conference Agenda

THURSDAY, APRIL 27 2016 (DAY 1)     

Chair:Assoc.Prof.Georgică PANFIL PhD

Chair: Assoc.Prof. Alexandru CÎRMACI PhD



Prof. Daniel TORJE PhD, Rector of Romanian Police Academy

Assoc.Prof. Viorel VASILE PhD, Deputy Director of General Directorate of Romanian Police

Romică POTORAC, Director of National Institute of Forensic Science

Octavian AMBROZIE PhD, President of European Association of Scientific Research, Romania

Assoc.Prof. Cristian ȘTEFAN PhD., Dean of Police Faculty from Romanian Police Academy

Assoc.Prof. Marin RUIU PhD, Director of Forensic Science Department – Romanian Police Academy


Recent advances in craniofacial identification for forensic investigation

Prof.Caroline WILKINSON, Liverpool John Moores University - United Kingdom  


”Energy and bullet holes – Shooting reconstruction by correlation of impact sites by energy loss”

Axel MANTHEI - German Police Crime Laboratory, Bavaria - Germany  

10.30-11.00 ”Training and Recognition of Expertise in Forensic Identification Sciences: Australian Requirements

David NEVILLE - Queensland Police Service - Australia  

11.00-11.30 Coffee Break & Group Photo


The Omagh bomb scene investigation, forensic overview and court proceedings

Dennis MCAULEY – Ireland

12.15-12.45 An overview of the Forensic Science Education System in UK – Past to present

Rahul PATHAK – Ruskin University, Cambridge, United Kingdom


”Forensic DNA Databases: A National, European and International Perspective”

Florin STANCIU - National Forensic Science Institute, Bucharest - Romania

13.30-14.30 Lunch

14.00-15.00 Amped Authenticate

Matthew Bevan Cook – Amped Software

15.00-15.15 Criminal law and Criminalistic forensic approach to fighting Cyber Crime

Vanda BOŽIĆ PhD  - Faculty of Law (Zagreb) – Rep.of Croatia

Željko NIKAČ PhD – Serbian Police Academy – Rep.of Serbia

15.15-15.30 Significance of indications for criminal proceedings

Ivan Ilic - University in Niš, Law Faculty – Rep.of Serbia

Darko Dimovski - University in Niš, Law Faculty – Rep.of Serbia


Behavioral analysis – support to judicial authorities

Viorel VASILE PhD – General Directorate of Romanian Police

15.45-16.00 Crime scene investigation – an aspect of utmost importance in forensic practice

Diac Madalina Maria, Knieling Anton, Diana Bulgaru Iliescu - Forensic Medicine Institute, Iasi

16.00-16.15 The investigation of the security features of the forget or counterfeited documents

Daniel Potolinca, Ioan Negru, Ion Sandu

16.15-16.30 The contribution of the physical - chemical examination in identifying counterfeit goods or forged, smuggled goods and goods involved in fraud

Stoian Maria-Georgeta, Emilian Costache Florin STANCIU - National Forensic Science Institute


Gun Shot Residue on hands – another questionable suicide

Axel MANTHEI - German Police Crime Laboratory, Bavaria - Germany

17.00-17.30 Conclusions

FRIDAY, APRIL 28 2017 (DAY 2) – Romanian presentations

Chair: Assoc.Prof. Marin RUIU PhD

Chair: Georgeta STOIAN PhD

09.00-09.15 Bullet engraving simulation. Interior ballistics and forensic view

Alexandru Cirmaci

09.15-09.30 Forensic analysis on olfactory traces from cigarette butt

Ichim Costica Romica, Moraru Victor

09.30-09.45 Determining forged elements of documents used for corruption criminal offenses

Toltică Marius Daniel, Mitrofan Adrian

09.45-10.00 Forensic art: forensic identification based on facial reconstruction

Horatiu Draganescu, Badulescu Aurelian, Ciobanu Ana Maria Isabelle

10.00-10.15 The determination of the sequence of handwriting created with scriptural tool (ballpoint)

Grigore Ionut

10.15-10.30 Falsifying polymers substrates in banknotes and travel documents

Negru Ioan, Daniel Potolinca, Ion Sandu- Al.I.Cuza University, Iași

10.45-11.00 Coffee Breask

10.30-10.45 Variability vs. stability in the forensic handwriting/ signature identification process

Mitrofan Adrian, Toltică Marius Daniel

11.00-11.15 The contribution of the physical - chemical examination in identifying counterfeit goods or forged, smuggled goods and goods involved in fraud

Stoian Maria-Georgeta, Feraru Laura

11.15-11.30 The examination of an improvised explosive device made using a World War I


Dena Alexandru

11.30-11.45 Methodological and forensic aspects regarding homicide investigation process

Ruiu Marin

11.45-12.00 Manslaughter - a crime against traffic safety on public roads

Andreea Florina STĂNILĂ (SIMION) , Dănuț LEFTER

12.00-12.45 Open discussions & Conclusions